Just a wondering spirit, floating aimlessly on the internet. 25\\Male\\Loves tumblr user Bunshine\\Blog rarely NSFW.

Interests? Anime, gaming, culinary arts, animals. Want specifics? Ask away!

I am a promised, guaranteed follow back blog. <3

Things I don't like: Superwholock\\Homestuck\\Harry Potter\\Kyoani anime (all of it)\\Hetalia\\Fashion\\K-pop\\Social Justice\Bronies

土星の子 by 七ノ草@mello on pixiv
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So weird seeing one of your followers is a 25+ bearded lumberjack lookin’ dude, I just (ignorantly) assume anyone that I follow and don’t personally know is a 15 year old girl, rofl

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meeting people who like anime is either very good or very bad. 

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マミさん | 犯人はサム
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So, I stopped paying attention to the whole Zoe Quinn fiasco again, but it turns out she’s a literal criminal who’s been commiting fraud.

This just keeps snowballing, it’s like a car crash that you can’t quite tear your eyes away from.

But hey, if you call her out on her actual crimes, you’re a misogynist and you hate women and feminists and you’re a pig.

She’s got a defense cult just like Sarkeesian did. Because she re-tweets death threats to deflect the actual criticism of her work and says that she’s righteous, so many people and news sites are letting her off the hook and back onto the five dongs.

Fuck Zoe Quinn, seriously.

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