Just a wondering spirit, floating aimlessly on the internet. 25\\Male\\Loves tumblr user Bunshine\\Blog rarely NSFW.

Interests? Anime, gaming, culinary arts, animals. Want specifics? Ask away!

I am a promised, guaranteed follow back blog. <3

Things I don't like: Superwholock\\Homestuck\\Harry Potter\\Kyoani anime (all of it)\\Hetalia\\Fashion\\K-pop\\Social Justice\Bronies
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"Wahh, school is hard" yelps the 15 year old on tumblr.

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I like how on tumblr it’s totally okay to say “men are garbage” “boys are shit” and make fun of “straight white boys” yet if you replaced men\man\etc with woman, the entire site goes into an uproar.

I like the classic switcheroo defense of “we can call boys trash here because it’s how women are treated in society all the time.”

Bullshit. Just admit that you want to vent about your problems with the opposite gender, not act like you’re immune from criticism of your horrendus double standards.

I’m just supposed to be able to be called trash, filth, garbage all the time, because women have it hard in society! This is actually the exact opposite of what feminism is supposed to be.

When you make a valid critique like I am, the only retort you get is “wahhh white cishet male tears” and such.

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