Just a wondering spirit, floating aimlessly on the internet. 25\\Male\\Loves tumblr user Bunshine\\Blog rarely NSFW.

Interests? Anime, gaming, culinary arts, animals. Want specifics? Ask away!

I am a promised, guaranteed follow back blog. <3

Things I don't like: Superwholock\\Homestuck\\Harry Potter\\Kyoani anime (all of it)\\Hetalia\\Fashion\\K-pop\\Social Justice\Bronies
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#Code Geass  #NSFW-ish  
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TW: Can’t handle anything that isn’t praise.

Pretty much. Oh well, teenaged girls on tumblr. ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)

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Someone unfollowed me because I told them their bad Hearthstone deck was bad without insulting them or being aggressive or insinuating anything beyond gently telling them their deck was just going to make them lose a bunch of games.

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Trying to play league again after playing dota for years just makes it feel so slowed down. Everything feels super easy but I just know as soon as I go into ranked again the playerbase will make me rage str8 back to doto. I miss when I was younger and had buddies to play with back in the LoL beta. ;~;